Detox Plans

It’s the time of year when you may be considering some form of detox course or diet. And why not? Go ahead, we all need to rid our bodies of the bad stuff we’ve consumed over the holidays.

But which detox formula should I choose? There are many strange and wonderful products out there that claim to cleanse your body of all the unnatural toxins that may have collected, and they need to be shifted don’t they?

Well I think I’ve found the ONE. A compound called Oxydihydride. It’s a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in liquid form and most supermarkets are now selling bottles of it. The recommended dose is to take about six full glasses a day and you’ll be amazed how much it helps your body with its NATURAL detoxification processes.

Prices of bottled of Oxydihydride can vary considerably depending on the quality and brand, although I like to obtain mine from my very own kitchen where I’ve had a tap delivery system specially fitted so I can have it in my own home any time I feel I need it!

Check out this article from the Guardian on the whole detox myth: