Laura Wylde (2 time World Kick Boxing champion):

I’ve trained with Lee for over 5 years now. He uses his experience to help me push my fitness to where it is needed for competitions. Sessions usually revolve around circuit training, weights, plyometrics and specific skills and techniques. He always tailors it specifically to my needs, identifying key areas and progressing the exercises as we go. I find he’s good at coming up with new things and manages to keep it interesting and challenging. He’s a really nice guy, will help anyone and gives fantastic moral support in and out of training. I couldn’t work with anyone else!

George Christopher Karystianis of Manchester:

“Lee is an excellent and friendly instructor with lots of knowledge and hands-on experience”

Lisa Withers from Derbyshire:

“I’ve been training with Lee since August and it’s been great – I’m back to being really fit after the birth of my son, and have lost 1.5 stones as well!  Lee’s got a vast store of knowledge and knows how to keep things interesting and challenging so that you don’t get bored and lose motivation.”

Matt Withers from Derbyshire:

“My wife had really great results with Lee, so I thought I’d try him out as well. I was impressed that he completely adapted his coaching style and exercises to suit me and my needs, which were totally different to my wife’s.”