The Press-Up

Press-ups are a great all-round exercise – not only incorporating arms, chest, shoulders and back, but also your all-important core muscles.

For building lean muscle, or for endurance and general fitness, do them quickly.   Alternatively, for building strength, do them slowly. Either way, press ups will definitely add value to your workout regime.

The basic press up should be done with hands directly beneath the shoulders, and with your back flat and straight.  If you can’t manage this straight away, then rest your knees on the floor, and start from this position instead.

It’s vital to move the upper body in one smooth motion, and not to allow your body to dip in the middle.

Depending on where you place your hands and arms, you can target different muscle groups, so give it a go – and remember, it doesn’t matter how many you start off doing!

And if you fancy something a bit more challenging…