Where do I find the Time?

Many people say to me ‘I haven’t got time to exercise’, or ‘there’s no room in my house/garden/ office’

Let’s address those issues:

Time? Well, it is recommended that for basic fitness, people should do 20 minutes 3 times a week. That doesn’t have to be at the gym though – it could be a brisk walk, a light jog, running up and down stairs or just carrying heavy shopping home – anything that gets you a bit out of breath. Most people watch a couple of hours TV a day – you can exercise in FRONT of the TV! Which brings me to….

Room? Here’s where the personal trainer’s expertise comes in. You’ll need about an arm’s width either side of you and a space about 6ft long. In this tiny area you can do a set of tuck jumps (knees up to chest) – 10 of those and you’ll know about it! Jogging/sprinting on the spot for 2 mins, lunges and squats to work the legs, some crunches and, of course, press ups! There you have a great full body circuit – you can do a few sets in front of your favourite programme!

It doesn’t matter if, on the first day, you can only manage, say, 2 tuck jumps – the next day you’ll manage 3, and before you know it regular exercise will be part of your daily life – fitter, stronger, and happier!

Ah, it’s not the time or space many people don’t have, it’s the inclination and/or motivation – that’s fine – I can help you with that 🙂